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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Yes, on the City of Ammon’s website at the top right hand corner is a button that says “Pay My Bill.” Click on this and it will walk you through setting up your account to pay online and view your statements online.

The City of Ammon fiscal year begins on October 1st and runs through September 30th each year. Budgets are approved annually in August.

Information about current job openings, job descriptions, and information on how to apply for specific positions is available here:

To determine if a property is located within Ammon City Limits, please click on this link: 

Alternatively, if you are a resident and receiving garbage service from the City of Ammon, your property is within Ammon City Limits. 

Yes, all businesses (commercial and home based) are required to be licensed and inspected by the Fire Marshal. Visit for more information.

Public Records Requests can be submitted through the City Clerk’s Office and can be found on the City Clerk’s page on the Ammon Website or by visiting City Hall.

Visit our Facebook page ( or Instagram ( and keep an eye on local media outlets for press releases.

The City works with multiple entities for a variety of purposes including Bonneville School District 93, Rocky Mountain Power, and Intermountain Gas. Many roads used to get to properties in Ammon are owned and maintained by Bonneville County Road and Bridge. 25th South, also known as Hitt Road, is a major corridor for Ammon that is owned and maintained by the City of Idaho Falls. The city is served by two sewer districts, the Eastern Idaho Regional Sewer District (EIRSD) and Iona Bonneville Sewer District (IBSD), for wastewater treatment. The City water system is used for the majority of properties within Ammon, but Falls Water serves multiple developments to the north.

City Council

Please follow this link to the City Council page on the City of Ammon website:

The City Council members encourage members of the public to contact them about issues related to the City of Ammon. Issues pertaining to land use - annexations, rezones, etc. - are treated as quasi-judicial actions and may not be discussed with members of Council prior to the Council meeting where an issue is being presented.

The best way to reach them is to use the contact information found on this page:

Council meets for action meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00pm with a work session on the second Thursday at 4:30pm.

Yes! The public is invited to attend every City Council meeting. For the most current agenda or for information on the upcoming meeting, please visit this webpage:

City Council meets at the Ammon City Building, located at 2135 S Ammon Road.

In addition to attending meetings in-person, members of the public are invited to attend City Council meetings remotely over Zoom. Up to date access information can be found here:

The City Council President is elected amongst the City Council members at the beginning of each calendar year. In the Mayor’s absence, the Council President conducts the City Council meetings and serves in the capacity of the Mayor. The current Council President is Russell Slack. 

Mayor and City Administrator

The mayor position in Ammon is part-time and the mayor’s stipend is established by ordinance. Ammon operates on a Strong Mayor form of government with the mayor, elected at large, serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As a part-time mayor, at their discretion, the mayor delegates their authority to the City Administrator to run the day to day operations. The City Administrator serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the City of Ammon and reports directly to the Mayor.

In the City of Ammon, the Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the City Administrator, under the direction, supervision, and authority of the Mayor, is the Chief Operating Officer for the City.  The City Administrator runs the day-to-day operations, directs the administration of city government, and provides leadership in the long- and short-term goals of the city. The City Administrator is appointed by the City Council and reports directly to the Mayor and makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council for action, based on policy analysis and research.

Planning and Zoning

No. The City of Ammon does not do forced annexations. If surrounding areas wish to annex, they can apply to the City for annexation. Annexation requests must be heard and recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commissioners and approved by the City Council before they are effective.

Yes. That plan can be viewed by going to the following link:

Decisions are made by the  City Council upon recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Decisions are made under the guidance of the City of Ammon Comprehensive Plan, City of Ammon Comprehensive Land Use Map, City of Ammon Ordinance, and Idaho State Statute. The criteria for decisions are the project's compliance with the Comprehensive Plan and applicable regulations.

The process for land development in the City of Ammon is executed as required in state and city code. The first step is filing an application for annexation if the property is not currently within city limits. The application must be submitted with documents stating the size of the property, description of the project, requested zones, schematic design, traffic study, water study, wastewater study, floodplain study, level 1 environmental study, fiscal impact analysis, and any other documents as required by City Code 11-1-6. After a complete application is accepted, notice of a public hearing is conducted following Idaho Code Title 67, Chapter 65. The initial public hearing is held before the Planning and Zoning Commission, who hears public testimony and then presents their recommendation to the City Council. The City Council then makes a final decision on approving or denying the annexation. If approved, an annexation agreement is signed between the City and property owner to determine the conditions of annexation. 

After property is annexed and zoned, it can be platted. Platting is the process in which a parcel is separated into lots. Preliminary and final plats are presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for approval. Development agreements are done at this time to establish conditions of developing. After plat approval, the plat is taken to get signatures from entities like the Health Department and the Bonneville County Surveyor, and then it is recorded at the Bonneville County Recorder’s Office. After the final plat is recorded, lots can be sold. Building permits can be issued after the infrastructure and all requirements of the development agreement are completed and approved by City staff. 

Developers looking to annex into Ammon are required to submit studies that examine the project's effect on infrastructure through traffic, water, and wastewater studies, environmental risks through a floodplain and level 1 environmental study as well as a fiscal impact analysis to determine how it would financially affect the city. These studies must be done by professionals in the applicable field. These studies can also be required by the City Council before a project that is already annexed moves to the platting process. City staff use the recommendations for mitigation in the studies to determine what the developer is responsible for constructing or contributing to in order to develop. These mitigations become items in an annexation and/or development agreement, which is a list of requirements the developer must complete before various deadlines. These may include road improvements, water system improvements, and contributions to parks.

Citizens are encouraged to discuss current or future developments with the Planning and Zoning department, open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays via phone, email, or in person visits. Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month starting at 7pm, where the Commission makes recommendations regarding land use projects to the City Council. City Council meetings are held the first and third Thursday of every month starting at 7pm where the Council makes decisions on land use projects. The agendas for these meetings can be found on the City website or posted outside the City Building 48 hours before the meeting.

No, the City of Ammon does not seek out new residential developments nor does the City of Ammon advocate on behalf of any ongoing development application. The City of Ammon is required by law to receive and process all development applications according to State Statute and local ordinances. For each development application, the City professional staff provide objective recommendations on each application, based on their compliance with standards, laws, ordinances, and other criteria. 

Citizens are encouraged to discuss current or future developments with the Planning and Zoning department, open 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, via phone, email, or in person visits. Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month starting at 7pm, where the Commission makes recommendations regarding land use projects to the City Council. City Council meetings are held the first and third Thursday of every month starting at 7pm where the Council makes decisions on land use projects. The agendas for these meetings can be found on the city website or posted outside the City Building 48 hours before the meeting.

Building Permits

The City of Ammon sewer is treated at the Oxbow Plant in Shelley, operated by the Eastern Idaho Regional Sewer District (EIRSD). EIRSD charges a connection fee to the City of Ammon which is collected at the time the building permit fee is issued. Currently that connection fee is $5,639 dollars which makes our total fee higher.

Accessory structures need to meet the zoning requirements regulated by the zoning department of the City of Ammon. This is to protect you and your property from damage or unsightly conditions. If you and your neighbor build right on the property line and adjacent to each other, a potential fire hazard could occur and unsightly conditions could be placed next to your property. Snow and water from the roof of the structure must also be maintained on your property. A 3 foot setback from your property line is a minimum, but that distance could be required to be increased depending on the height and use of the structure.

Developers and contractors using equipment that is creating dust in new developments and existing subdivisions are required by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to maintain the dust level on their lots. You can call DEQ directly and file a complaint with them and you can also contact the City of Ammon Building Department and we can notify the contractor/developer to take corrective action. Your contact with DEQ along with our help will bring the fastest action to mitigate the problem.

Energy codes are implemented and enforced to help reduce the amount of energy used in all buildings that are heated and/or cooled. As we all do what is necessary to conserve energy use, the demand for energy will be reduced, thus keeping energy costs lower for all. It will also provide lower monthly energy bills for users. Cost savings will outweigh the upfront increased costs for meeting the energy codes for the life of the structure. It also increases the life and comfort of the structure as it will help maintain the structural integrity of the lumber by keeping it dry and providing a healthy, mold free building.

Permits are required for many new projects but not for every project. A permit is required for any new residential detached structure over 200 square feet or any sized addition to an existing home. A new deck that is attached to a home is also required to be permitted. Any furnace, water heater, or A/C change outs, electrical work, or new plumbing to an existing home also requires a permit. If you have an unfinished basement that you would like to finish that also requires a permit. Below is a list of exemptions.

Work exempt from a permit: 

  1. One story detached accessory structures, provided the floor area does not exceed 200 sq ft.
  2. Fences not over 7 feet high.
  3. Retaining walls not over 4 feet high.
  4. Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, countertops, and similar finish work.
  5. Prefabricated swimming pools that are less than 24 inches deep.
  6. Swings and other playground equipment.
  7. Window awnings that don't require additional support from the home.
  8. Decks not exceeding 200 sq. ft. that are not more than 30 inches above grade and not attached to the home.

Contact Charlie Allen at for more information or if you have additional questions.


No. In 2019 the City of Ammon moved from a non-metered rate to a metered rate.  At that time we ended the watering day requirement–residents now just pay for the water they use.

The base rate is $30, plus $1 per thousand gallons of water used.

The base rate for the water is broken out as $19 for the bond fee and the balance for maintenance and operations of the lines.

On the City of Ammon website, at the top of the screen click on “WaterSmart.” It will walk you through setting up your account, then you can view your water usage online.

Try to identify where the leak is coming from so you can fix it. The most common leaks are in toilets. The City provides free tablets you can put in the tank of your toilet. If the water in the bowl changes color, you know the toilet has a leak. Next check faucets and make sure they are completely turned off. Check outside faucets and sprinkler systems too.


The sewer rate is calculated as $22 for the sewer bond, $14.09 to the Eastern Idaho Regional Wastewater Sewer District for processing of the sewer, and $13.96 for the City of Ammon for the maintenance and operations of the lines.


You can come to the City Building, fill out a short form, and take a garbage can with you. If you need the can delivered, you can email the completed form, and there is a delivery fee.

Please clean the can completely and return it to the City Building. If the City needs to clean the can, there is a cleaning fee. If the City needs to pick up the can, there is a pickup fee.

If you need to set your garbage can in the road for pickup, please have the wheels of the can next to your grass or curb. The sanitation truck needs at least four feet of clearance between your garbage can and any other objects, such as mailboxes, vehicles, trees overhead, etc.

Fiber Optics

If you visit and click ‘Log In’, you can use our demo credentials to see what the web portal looks like and what the current prices are through each provider. We just ask that you don’t change the username or password on the account.

Username: coademo

Password: coademo

If you have questions or issues, please submit a ticket on our website at


Within the boundaries of the City of Ammon, all public streets are maintained by the City of Ammon.  To determine if your street is located within the City of Ammon, please click this link to view a map of the current boundaries for the City of Ammon

If your property is not located within the City of Ammon but located within Bonneville County, the Bonneville County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for maintaining the street. Residents of Idaho Falls (west of Hitt Road) have their streets maintained by the City of Idaho Falls.


The Parks Department is responsible for the oversight and management of City owned and maintained parks, facilities, athletic fields, public area trees, and trail systems. In addition, the Parks Department ensures public safety within the parks and coordinates with multiple City Departments regarding development plans and new park land acquisition.

The Parks Department is responsible for managing 12 parks (approximately 79 acres) in addition to maintaining the City Hall building grounds. The following is a list of all the parks owned and maintained by the City of Ammon: 

    1. McCowin Park
    2. Peterson Park
    3. Eagle Pointe Park
    4. Woodland Hills Park and Sports Complex 
    5. Target Park
    6. Hawks Landing Park
    7. Lions Park
    8. Orland Bailey Park
    9. Tiebreaker Park
    10. Quail Ridge Park
    11. Sand Creek Park
    12. Bridgewater Park 

McCowin Park, Peterson Park, Eagle Pointe Park, Quail Ridge Park, and Target Park all have asphalt hard surface trails for pedestrian use. The following are approximate lengths of trail found at each park:

    1. McCowin Park – 0.68 mile
    2. Peterson Park – 0.47 mile
    3. Eagle Pointe Park – 0.75 mile
    4. Quail Ridge Park – 0.23 mile
    5. Target Park – 0.10 mile

  1. Park hours are 5:00am – 11:00pm
  2. Animals must be kept on a leash
  3. Use animal waste bags to keep parks clean
  4. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited
  5. Smoking within parks is prohibited
  6. Motorized vehicles are prohibited within parks
  7. Removal of any city property is prohibited 
  8. For further information, see City Code Chapter 2, Title 8

Depending on which park you decide to visit, the City offers a wide array of both passive and active recreational opportunities including disc golf, pickleball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, ballfields, athletic fields, children’s playgrounds, picnic areas, trails, and much more.

Currently, pickleball is only offered at McCowin Park. There are four (4) permanent courts, and two (2) tennis courts that can be converted to provide an additional four (4) more pickleball courts. Note that courts are offered as first come, first serve.

Shelters can be reserved at McCowin Park, Peterson Park, and Eagle Pointe Park. The following is a list of available shelters offered at each park:

    1. McCowin Park – one (1) shelter and one (1) gazebo
    2. Peterson Park – two (2) shelters
    3. Eagle Pointe Park – three (3) shelters

To ensure adequate watering of turf within our park systems, irrigation scheduling is required to run approximately one (1) hour per zone. Each park is different – varying from four (4) zones up to sixty-four (64) zones – and  larger park systems require longer run times to cycle through each zone. Each park is typically programmed to start irrigating at 10:00pm to provide most watering during the night, however, some parks must water throughout the day to meet this watering requirement.

If you want to help or do a service project, consider adopting a park. To do so, please contact the City Clerk at 208-612-4000. If you are interested in a service project, call Tyler Draney at 208-612-4040.


The Recreation Department is responsible for managing and providing recreation programing, oversight and maintenance of the McCowin Park community swimming pool/splash pad, and the coordination of community events hosted by the City of Ammon. Events include the Icy Inferno Christmas Tree Bonfire, Freezin’ for a Reason, Summer Kickoff, Independence Day Firework Show, Movies in the Park, Ammon Days, Pumpkin Walk, Winter Lightapalooza Parade and Park Lighting, and community holiday lighting contest.

Currently, the Recreation Department offers little league baseball and softball, adult co-ed kickball, and kids triathlon. Swimming lessons are also available at the McCowin Park community swimming pool.

Staff is currently looking into providing additional recreation programming activities and opportunities for all ages of the public including lap swim, aquacise, pickleball, disc golf, youth soccer, youth flag football, ultimate frisbee tournaments, and much more. These programs are dependent on staffing and budget availability.

All park reservations and recreation program enrollment can be done online by visiting the City of Ammon Parks & Recreation website and clicking on the “Register/Reserve” tab or by using the following link:

  1. The McCowin Park community swimming pool traditionally opens to the public on the first Saturday of June during the City’s Summer Kickoff Event at McCowin Park, and typically closes for the season on or around August 20th. This allows the lifeguard staff one week to get ready for back to school.
  2. All pool information (e.g., hours, pricing, etc.) can be found online by visiting the City of Ammon Parks & Recreation website and clicking on the “Register/Reserve” tab or by using the following link:

Staff is currently working with outside resources to determine a strategic approach towards developing a new pool. Additional funding will be required to accomplish this project, and staff is diligently coordinating with sponsors to assist with fundraising efforts.

Additional tables are available per request by contacting Randal Miller at Please note that additional tables are subject to availability and there is an additional $15.00/table fee.

For all cancellations of reservations and/or registrations, please contact Randal Miller at Please note there is a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Law Enforcement

The City of Ammon contracts with the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office, which acts as Ammon’s police department. Please call Public Safety Dispatch at 208-529-1200 to report a crime or request a deputy in a non-emergency situation. Call 911 for emergencies.

Bonneville County deputies oversee the towing process for vehicles in Ammon. Please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 208-529-1200.


If your dog is found in the city limits of Ammon it will be brought to Mountain River Veterinary Hospital located at 3745 E County Line Rd, Rigby, ID 83442. Please call Mountain River Vet Boarding at 208-745-5003 ext. 2 to report lost or found pets and for reclaim or adoption information. 

If your dog was found outside the city limits of Ammon, please call the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter at 208-612-8670.

Yes, Ammon allows up to three (3) dogs on your property. If you wish to own more than three (3) and up to five (5) dogs, an Additional Dog Permit and fee is required and all dogs must be spayed/neutered.

Yes.  All dogs must be on a leash when off of the owner’s property. This includes the sidewalk and other public/private areas like City Parks.

Yes. The City requires all dogs to be licensed annually and to display the license tag. Dog licenses may be purchased at City Hall located at 2135 S Ammon Rd. or online

Fire District

Bonneville County Fire District 1 (BCFD1), Ammon Division, provides fire prevention, fire protection, and rescue services for the City of Ammon. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1. For non-emergency business and general information, call 208-612-4071. You can also find the Bonneville County Fire District at The BCFD1 Ammon Division Station is located at 2137 South Ammon Road.

Fire station tours are just one of our several public education offerings. Our progressive fire prevention program includes commercial and home occupation business inspections, home safety inspections, and fire safety presentations at preschools, elementary schools, and churches. To schedule an appointment, requests can be made by sending an email to the Fire Prevention Division at or by calling 208-612-4060.

Open burning is allowed in the City of Ammon. You can burn natural materials such as yard clipping piles (tree branches) and ditch banks. You must obtain a Burn Permit at the Ammon City Hall, 2135 South Ammon Road, prior to starting an open burn. The permit lists all requirements to be followed while open burning. Items such as trash, hazardous materials, tires, etc. are prohibited from being burned. If a complaint is made regarding open burning, the Fire Department has the authority by Fire Code to extinguish the fire if it is deemed hazardous or causing a nuisance to the community.

A fire pit used for cooking and/or warming is not open burning. A fire pit is considered a “recreational fire” and no permit is necessary. Generally, a recreational fire is no more than three feet wide in diameter with flames no higher than two feet from the ground.

Contact Deputy Chief Keith Banda at or 208-612-4060 to request a fire district letter for a Certified Family Home.

Yes. Contact the Deputy Chief Keith Banda at or 208-612-4060 to schedule an appointment to discuss service project opportunities.

The City of Ammon has a Life Safety License Program for contractors and vendors that do business in Ammon that design, install, and service fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, hood fire suppression systems, and fire pumps. These contractors are required to apply for a life safety license, provide documentation that they are trained and qualified for the services they are providing to the businesses and citizens of Ammon, and pay the annual fee to maintain a current ACTIVE status.

This requirement comes from the International Fire Code (IFC) Section 105 and NFPA Standards that govern each installation/service such as NFPA 10 (fire extinguishers), NFPA 72 (fire alarm systems), NFPA 13 and NFPA 25 (fire sprinkler systems), in accordance with IFC Fire Protection Systems Chapter 9, Section 901, and Table 901.6.1. Below is the Life Safety License application. Contact the City Administration Office by calling 208-612-4000 to submit this application for review.

Yes. For questions regarding the Junior Firefighter Program, please contact Fire Chief Stacy Hyde at or 208-612-4059.

Applications for Fire Code regulated construction permits are found at All fees are invoiced by the City of Ammon Building Department at the City Hall, 2135 South Ammon Road. The Building Department is located in the basement.

Go to the Customer Service window at Ammon City Hall, 2135 South Ammon Road, to apply for a Paid-Call (part-time) Firefighter or Residential Firefighter position. For questions regarding these positions contact Deputy Chief Steven Berg at or 208-612-4061. We have no full-time firefighter vacancies at this time. We do not have volunteer firefighters.

Go to to find information on how to order a commercial or residential KNOX Box in the City of Ammon.