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Community Resources

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Animal Services is a division of the Enforcement Office that secures and transports lost and found dogs and sick or injured cats, enforces animal ordinances including dogs at large, dog licensing, additional dog permits, investigates animal welfare complaints, and more.

We encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pets!

Contact Animal Services

The Enforcement Office is located inside City Hall at 2135 S Ammon Road. The Ammon Enforcement Officer is available by appointment only. To schedule a meeting or request assistance with an enforcement concern, please contact our Ammon Enforcement Officer, Clarissa Mueller.  If you need immediate assistance, please call Public Safety Dispatch at (208) 529-1200.

Animal Applications / Forms

(City of Ammon Code 5-4-2 requires all dog owners within the city obtain a license for their dogs. The license must be renewed annually.)

Animal Resources

Lost and Found Pets: If your pet is picked up, it will be transported to Snake River Animal Shelter. Snake River Animal Shelter is located at 3000 Lindsay Blvd. in Idaho Falls you can reach them at (208) 523-4219.

Please visit our Animal Services page for more info!

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Snake River Animal Shelter

If you are searching for Law Enforcement within the City of Ammon, please contact the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office.

Auto Licensing

Ammon residents operating vehicles are expected to follow Idaho State Law by having and maintaining proper licensing, registration, and insurance. More information can be found at the following links:

Public Transportation

TRPTA is a regional public transportation system which services areas in and around Ammon.

During the Fall of 2012, the City conducted a public transportation survey. Click here to see the full survey results.

Residential and Public Parking

Parking rules and regulations are defined and established in Title 9 Chapter 4 and Title 9 Chapter 5 of the Ammon City Code.

Snow Removal

The City of Ammon generally adopts and actively enforces a Snow Resolution each winter. The Resolution generally goes into effect on December 15th and remains in effect until March 15th. The snow resolution is intended to enable city crews to plow roads in an efficient manner by prohibiting parking on the street between the hours of 11PM and 7AM.

Residents are also reminded that it is a violation of City ordinance to move snow from their properties and sidewalks into the City streets.

As a courtesy, links to education resources and information about local K-12 and Post-secondary schools are included below

Education Resources
Public Schools
Charter Schools
Private Schools
Higher Education

Your vote is your voice as an American citizen. It’s your opportunity to be heard, to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions, and to have a say in important issues that affect your community. On Election Day, every vote matters.

Where do I vote? Click here to find your nearest voting location. Where do I vote? Click here to find your nearest voting location.

Mayor and City Council Election Information

The Mayor and City Council members are each elected to terms of four (4) years. For information concerning upcoming local council and mayoral seat elections, candidate petitions and packets please contact the City Clerk at (208) 612-4000.

Campaign Sign Regulations

Election Resources
Voter Information


    1. A citizen of the United States
    2. At least 18 years old
    3. A resident in the state and in the county for thirty (30) days prior to Election Day
    4. Registered as required by law
Voter Resources

For additional questions please contact the clerks office:

Phone: (208) 612-4010

Fax: (208) 612-4009




Kristina Buchan

P: (208) 612-4010



The City of Ammon considers the health and social well-being of its residents of paramount importance. You can find services and resources for health-related issues below.

Adult and Family Services
Public Health

Everyone has a different reason for making Ammon their home. Some families love the safe neighborhoods. Others love the mountains and the active outdoor lifestyle. They love the careers and opportunities, and appreciate that Ammon is as friendly to their business as it is to their families. Though everyone has their own reasons, Ammon is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Moving Resources
Affordable Housing
Homebuyer Resources
Landlord and Tenant Resources

There are three types of taxes that affect most residents of Ammon: sales, income, and property taxes. Individuals pay sales tax when they buy merchandise. Idaho has a personal income tax for those who meet the filing criteria. Property owners pay taxes on the real estate they own.

For more information on Bonneville County and Idaho taxes, visit the links below.